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Subversion (SVN) Hosting Comparison Review Chart

Name Monthly Cost ($) # of Modules # of Developers Disk Quota (MB) Support SSL Issue Mgmt WebSVN Trac Extras OSS Only
Google 0InfinityInfinityInfinity NoneNoCustomSimilar NoProject MgmtYes
BerliOS Developer0 Infinity InfinityInfinityEmail YesCustomNoNo Project MgmtYes
Gna 0Infinity InfinityInfinityEmail YesCustomNo NoProject MgmtYes
OpenSVN 0InfinityInfinity InfinityEmailYes CustomNoYes NoneNo
SourceForge0 InfinityInfinityInfinity EmailYes CustomNoNo Project MgmtYes
Bounty Source 0InfinityInfinity InfinityEmailYesCustom NoNoProject MgmtYes
ProjectLocker‡ 0Infinity5 500EmailYes CustomYesNo Project MgmtNo
Unfuddle0 12200 EmailNoYes NoNoProject Mgmt No
My Version Control 013100 EmailYesNoneNo YesBlogNo
Beanstalk0 13100 EmailNoNo NoNoLots of Integration No
Slik SVN0 1210 YesYesNo NoNoNone No
CVSDude 01Infinity 2EmailNo NoneNoNo NoneYes
SVNRepository.com4 1Infinity500 EmailYesNone NoYesNone No
ProjectLocker‡ 5Infinity 55000Email YesCustomYes NoProject MgmtNo
My Version Control 5 35500Email YesNoneNoYes BlogNo
Geek ISP 5Infinity Infinity50Email NoNoneNo YesWeb HostingNo
Project Hut5 1Infinity50None YesNoYesYes NoneNo
EuroSVN 61 Infinity150None YesNoneNo NoNoneNo
AVLUX6 1Infinity50Email YesNoneYesNo NoneNo
SVNRepository.com 7Infinity Infinity2000Email YesNoneNo YesNoneNo
wush.net*7 1Infinity1000Email YesExtraYesNo WebDAVNo
DevGuard 72 Infinity200Email YesNoneYes YesNoneNo
hosted-projects.com 7 InfinityInfinity100Email YesNoneNoYes WebDAVNo
Versionshelf 712 100EmailYesNone YesNoNoneNo
Geek ISP8 InfinityInfinity100Email NoNoneNoYes Web HostingNo
Unfuddle 94 4512Email NoYesNo NoProject MgmtNo
DreamHost†‡ 10 InfinityInfinity200000Email ExtraNoneYesNo Web HostingNo
SVNRepository.com 10Infinity Infinity5000Email YesBugzillaNo YesNoneNo
Slik SVN10 5105000Yes YesYesNoYes NoneNo
WebFaction‡ 10InfinityInfinity 1000EmailYesNone NoYesWeb HostingNo
Geek ISP10 InfinityInfinity300Email NoNoneNoYes Web HostingNo
CVSDude* 101 4200Email NoNoneNo NoNoneNo
Project Hut 1010Infinity 200NoneYes NoYesYes NoneNo
ProjectLocker‡12 Infinity1510000 EmailYesCustom YesYesProject Mgmt No
EuroSVN 131Infinity1000 NoneYesNoneNo YesNoneNo
wush.net15 1Infinity5000 EmailYesExtra YesYesWebDAV No
TextDrive†‡ 15InfinityInfinity 5000EmailYes NoneNoYes Web HostingNo
Beanstalk15 1053000 EmailYesNo NoNoLots of Integration No
WebFaction‡ 15InfinityInfinity 2000EmailYesNone NoYesWeb HostingNo
hosted-projects.com 15InfinityInfinity 1000EmailYes BugzillaNoYes WebDAVNo
Geek ISP 15InfinityInfinity 700EmailNoNone NoYesWeb HostingNo
DevGuard 1550Infinity 400EmailYes NoneYesYes NoneNo
AVLUX 155Infinity 250EmailYesNone YesNoNoneNo
DreamHost†‡ 20InfinityInfinity 300000EmailExtra NoneYesNo Web HostingNo
My Version Control 20InfinityInfinity 1000EmailYesNone NoYesBlogNo
Project Hut20 50Infinity1000None YesNoYesYes NoneNo
DevGuard 20100 Infinity800Email YesNoneYes YesNoneNo
AVLUX 20InfinityInfinity 500EmailYes NoneYesNo NoneNo
CVSDude 22Infinity12 1000EmailYesBugzilla YesYesNoneNo
My Version Control 24 InfinityInfinity3000Email YesNoneNoYes BlogNo
Unfuddle 241010 2000EmailYesYes NoNoProject MgmtNo
TextDrive†‡ 25InfinityInfinity 10000EmailYes NoneNoYes Web HostingNo
Beanstalk 251520 6000EmailYesNo NoNoLots of IntegrationNo
WebFaction‡25 InfinityInfinity4000Email YesNoneNoYes Web HostingNo
Geek ISP 25InfinityInfinity 2000EmailNoNone NoYesWeb HostingNo
Versionshelf25 55500Email YesNoneYesNo NoneNo
AbnHost‡ 251Infinity 200EmailYesNone NoNoNoneNo
ProjectLocker‡30 Infinity3030000Email YesCustomYesYes Project MgmtNo
hosted-projects.com 30Infinity Infinity3000Email YesBugzillaNo YesWebDAVNo
Project Hut30 200Infinity2000None YesNoYesYes NoneNo
DevGuard 30200 Infinity1000Email YesNoneYes YesNoneNo
AVLUX30 InfinityInfinity1000Email YesNoneYesNo NoneNo
CVSDude 32Infinity Infinity5000Email YesBugzillaYes YesNoneNo
WebFaction‡35 InfinityInfinity6000Email YesNoneNoYes Web HostingNo
Versionshelf 3810 101000Email YesNoneYes NoNoneNo
DreamHost†‡ 40InfinityInfinity 400000EmailExtra NoneYesNo Web HostingNo
Project Hut40 InfinityInfinity5000 NoneYesNo YesYesNone No
Unfuddle 4920 204000Email YesYesNo NoProject MgmtNo
AbnHost‡49 1Infinity500Email YesNoneNoNo NoneNo
CollabNet 50InfinityInfinity InfinityEmailYesCustom YesNoNoNo
Beanstalk50 30 4012000EmailYes NoNoNoLots of Integration No
CVSDude 50InfinityInfinity 7000EmailYes BugzillaYesYes NoneNo
DevGuard60 500Infinity5000 EmailYesNone YesYesNone No
SourceHosting.net† 651 5100Email YesExtraYes NoNoneNo
AVLUX75 InfinityInfinity5000Email YesNoneYesNo NoneNo
Versionshelf 7750 202000Email YesNoneYes NoNoneNo
DreamHost†‡ 80InfinityInfinity 500000EmailYes NoneYesNo Web HostingNo
ProjectPipe‡99 15Infinity EmailNoCustom NoNoProject Mgmt No
Unfuddle 9950 5010000Email YesYesNo NoProject MgmtNo
Beanstalk100 6510024000Email YesNoNoNo Lots of IntegrationNo
ProjectPipe‡ 1991 20InfinityEmail YesCustomNo NoProject MgmtNo
Beanstalk200 15020048000Email YesNoNoNo Lots of IntegrationNo
wush.net 205InfinityInfinity 250000EmailYesExtra YesYesWebDAV, DedicatedNo

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